Our speciality is transport of loads which require temperature-controlled conditions, particularly in cooled lorries; however, we also transport neutral loads on pallets.

We provide transport services, including international service, with our own modern fleet of vehicles and cooling trailers. Currently, our fleet includes 50 Volvo vehicles which met Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions norms. Every 10 years, we exchange our vehicles for new ones.

Our tractors are fitted with Schmitz refrigerated trailers equipped with Thermodin or Carrier cooling units, with a capacity of 22.5 tons. The reliability of the cold chain is confirmed by current FRC certificates.

We insure each load (on OCP conditions) to the amount of 300 000 USD.

Our qualified dispatchers and drivers are responsible for the efficient work of our team of vehicles. Their work is supported by the latest generation telemetric systems and IT technologies, letting them efficiently manage transport services and make settlements with drivers.

Our main two-way transport routes are Spain, Italy, Holland, and Belgium.